Wildflowers and Cut Flowers

June 19, 2018


One person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.” – Susan Wittig Albert

This week heralds in the summer season.  The temperature has finally risen, the sun is shining and my flowers are starting to take off!  Thank goodness! I can feel the change in energy as I walk around my flower beds. Even as an adult, there is that feeling of “school’s out for summer”!  Rules are softened, evenings are longer and we reconnect with our neighbors who are now out and about. We just experienced a very long winter and we are ready to celebrate the longer days of summer.

The bouquets this week are a combination of cut flowers and wildflowers.  Once again, no two bouquets will be the same. Your bouquet will contain a combination of some, but not all of the flowers listed below.  Snapdragons are in bloom, so everyone will have a snapdragon in their bouquet. The two wildflowers this week are Yellow Toadflax, or Butter and Egg flower; and Fleabane, which looks like a daisy but is a member of the aster family.  I like to think of the Yellow Toadflax as the love child of a snapdragon and a cosmos!

This week your bouquet will be labeled with your name.  Hopefully this will alleviate some confusion that has occurred at a few sites.  Please be sure to check for your name on the paper sleeve, and remember to check off your name in the notebook near the bouquets.  For those of you who pick up your flowers at TMC Wellness through Movement, your bouquets will be available for pick up in the building rather than on the porch.

Here are the meanings of this week’s flowers:

Aster (Yellow Toadflax) – Symbol of love

Bachelor Buttons – Single blessedness

Cosmos – Joy in love or life

Delphinium – Flight of fancy

Pea Shoots – Thank you for a lovely time

Snapdragons – Presumption

White Dill – Lust

Yarrow – Healing

Yellow Toadflax – misunderstanding



In the Victorian Era flower arrangements were used to send a message or to express feelings that could not be said out loud. Thus, the “Language of Flowers” came to be.  Feel free to take your bouquets and arrange them into your own arrangement or several smaller ones – create your own messages.  Have fun with your flowers!