June 5, 2018


“Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Week One.  Beginnings.


Mother Nature certainly is challenging my flowers and me! Today as I walked through my beds, I watched my flowers shivering in the wind.  I saw my raised-bed walkways flooded with a foot of water.  Welcome to the CSA Buy Local Flowers Experience!


This week’s bouquet is about innocence, healing, affection, lust, purification and introspection. As I think about my own thoughts today in the fields, I feel that I experienced all of those emotions.  The innocence of nature as she adapts to what is, the deep affection I feel for the earth and my beautiful flowers and the healing energy I always feel while in the fields, the lust for sunshine (!), the purification of nature’s cleansing systems, and my own introspection on how we really are not in control.  Let it be and it will be!


Because it is early in our CSA season, your bouquets will not be identical.  All the bouquets have the following flowers, just in different arrangements.


Here are the flower meanings for today’s bouquet:


Baby’s Breath – Innocence

Hyssop – Purification

Penstemon – Introspection

Stock – Affection

White Dill – Lust

Yarrow – Healing


Enjoy your bouquets!