A Learning Experience

June 12, 2018


We come from the Earth, we return to the Earth, and in between we garden.” – Alfred Austin


A Learning Experience.


Well, Week One did not go as smoothly as I hoped it would.  I did not anticipate a backup of traffic on Interstate 83. My sincere apologies to any of you who had to wait for your flowers.  This week I plan to leave the farm much earlier. I hope you enjoyed your bouquets.


Mother Nature continues to challenge my flowers and me! We had a few nice sunny days, but tonight I look at my weather app and see that the temperature will drop to 58 degrees tonight. Ahhhhh, the wonders of Nature!


This week’s bouquet is similar to last week’s bouquet with a few added feature flowers. The flowers in this week’s bouquet represent healing, affection, lust, purification, introspection, presumption, joy in love or life, flight of fancy and virtue.  All the bouquets will have the same base, but there will be different feature flowers in the mix.


Once again this week, my focus has been on introspection as represented by the beautiful perennial flower, Penstemon.  It can be challenging for a recovering perfectionist to be in a “Nature-Driven” occupation, but I am learning my lessons.  I strive to focus on peacefulness, healing and the joy of love and life that resides in all of us.  Nature is my healer and my teacher.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach


Here are the flower meanings for today’s bouquet:


Bachelor Buttons – Single blessedness

Cosmos – Joy in love or life

Delphinium – Flight of fancy

Hyssop – Purification

Mint – Virtue

Penstemon – Introspection

Snapdragons – Presumption

Stock – Affection

White Dill – Lust

Yarrow – Healing


Enjoy your bouquets!